CenFRA Ltd is proving to be a vital driving force behind the increasing uptake of automation and robotics in food and drink manufacturing in the UK with its most recent innovative campaign attracting interest from a variety of leading companies across the country.

Latest figures suggest a staggering 300 percent rise in robotic sales in food manufacturing over the last two years and CenFRA has been pivotal in driving home the message that automation and robotics can help food and drink companies become more competitive and productive.

Its latest cheque book campaign offering grants towards factory assessments, has galvanised innovative thinking and inspired food manufacturers to explore different automation and robotic solutions. The campaign has also reaffirmed the importance of embracing these technologies which will ensure the future sustainability of the industry.

Having had initial factory assessments carried out, and identified areas for improvement, companies are now taking recommendations from CenFRA’s audits a step further and looking at the feasibility of integrating new automated solutions.

CenFRA’s team of specialist engineers are guiding them through the next stage – consultancy. The company believes this to be the most crucial aspect of the process, and expects that manufacturers will see a five-time return on investment if a full consultancy project is carried out.

A consultancy programme from CenFRA includes an in-depth analysis of lifecycle costing, which breaks down each part of the integration process into manageable sizes taking into account what the machine will be used for, expected level of output and anticipated run times.

This information is then used to determine the level of maintenance required and how long the machine will perform at its optimum point from which a detailed automation strategy report is prepared to clearly map out investment benefits.

Without this level of consultancy from CenFRA, food and drink producers run the risk of implementing the wrong solutions that in the long run will lose them money.

Commenting on its consultancy service, CenFRA’s managing director Ian Nicholls said: “Unlike other consultancy programmes available, we offer complete unbiased advice, are not tied to a third party and have a deep understanding of the food and drink industry – where our engineers have wide-ranging experience in all sectors.

“The consultancy stage of implementing robotics and automation solutions must not be overlooked as the consequences could be costly. The purpose of consultancy is to identify the most efficient production methods, best equipment for the job and to ensure that customers get the best return on investment possible.”

It is CenFRA’s technical engineering expertise, detailed industry knowledge and dedication to ensuring the long term sustainability of the UK food and drink industry that has made it the number one robotic and automation consultant and the reason why so many businesses have turned to CenFRA for help.


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