A Cambridgeshire company specialising in heating and mechanical services has equipped its transport fleet with Quartix real-time vehicle tracking.

As a result, Chaps, of Bar Hill, is benefiting from impressive savings through the fleet’s more efficient use.

Knowing the precise location of its 44 cars and vans, and mobile staff, is essential to the firm. This – and the fact a previous system proved unreliable – was the main reason it opted for Quartix’s 24-hour online tracking. Another was the system’s ability to provide better record keeping.

Raine Holmes, finance manager, said: “For example, car drivers pay back their personal mileage, which the system records.

“Vans are provided to Chaps employees for business use only, and private use is not allowed. On-site drivers are required to fill in timesheets, and the contract managers are able to confirm these details through the system.

“Of course, if we had a tax inspection we would have to prove they weren’t using the vans for personal use, and the system enables us to do just that.”

Quartix Pay As You Go

For immediate financial reasons Chaps has opted to connect to the tracking service using Quartix’s flexible pay-as-you-go solution – with the intention of switching to its more cost effective leasing/purchase product at a later date.

Currently, Chaps has 24 vehicles using the PAYG scheme, each fitted with Quartix’s own-design tracking unit. However, as more leases with its old supplier run out – and as new vehicles are added – the company will ensure its entire fleet is linked to the Quartix system.

Chaps is not only pleased with the system’s reliability but also Quartix’s after- sales service.

Ms Holmes added: “You ring or email and they get back to you straight away. Everything happens exactly as you would expect of a professional company. They are a very good team, indeed.”

Andy Walters, Quartix managing director, said: “Chaps is a highly respected company in the Cambridge area, and their white and blue vans are a common sight in and around the city. We are delighted to be associated with this successful company and hope to continue providing them with good service for years to come.”


Andy Kirk, sales and marketing director

Tel: 0870 013 6663

Email andy.kirk@quartix.net


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