Just in time for Interpack 2011, CABKA GmbH, of Weira presents new monoblock, industrial-size pallets with skids (1200 x 1000 x 150 mm). With this CABKA supplements its large range by two true light-weights: The CPP 873 as the classic 3-skid pallet and the CPP 875 as the cruciform perimeter-base skid pallet for secure block stacking weigh only 12.5 and 13.5 kg respectively, but are good for a dynamic load of up to 2500 kg, and 600 kg in a high-racking system.

CABKA provides this pallet in different materials, depending on application: in classical application as a high-cycle pallet made from pure, recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), to the hygienic multi-trip pallet made of HDPE that conforms to HACCP and has BGA approval for applications where in direct contact with food stuffs.

For application as a solid, basic pallet for the export trade, both the CPP 873 and the CPP 875 are also produced from CABKA’s own recycled PO material.

The typical CABKA lattice design not only optimizes stability and cleanliness, the open design also improves ventilation of the cargo. Nevertheless, the pallet is easy to clean and there are no pockets where dirt or liquid could collect.

The CPP 873/875 is advertised with a “brilliant price-performance ratio”.

Other highlights of this year’s trade show presentation will be the flexible, universal CPP 603 in Düsseldorf format, as well as the CABKA Shuttle, which has created a sensation for the past half year. As a solution for fast, trouble-free intralogistics in automated high-bay racking, the CABKA Shuttle complements this year’s presentation by central Germany’s pallet specialist with a remarkable feature. The CABKA-Shuttle can safely handle failure-prone wooden pallets in automated conveyor and storage technology.

Furthermore, CABKA is presenting the very light, nestable CPP 800 in Euro size — for an array of applications and in various material grades — and the high-resistance, shelf-ready CPP 888. The CPP 888 is also offered as a high-circulation pallet made of pure, recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and as a hygienic multi-trip pallet made of HACCP-compliant HDPE with BGA approval for use in direct contact with food products.


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