Holt Stop is a UK designed and manufactured universal dock buffer (UK Patent GB2468371)

The warehouse & logistics industry is now recognising a fundamental flaw with the existing buffering systems in use throughout the UK. More astonishingly it is costing companies millions of pounds per year in trailer, dock and bay damage. One of Holt Stop’s larger customers spent over £10m on trailer damage alone last year, 20% of this cost is attributed to reversing/ docking on to inadequate buffering & faulty loading bays. The associated down time & logistical disruption is also hugely significant, most logistics companies measure bay down time and understand the financial impact of losing just an hour a week.

For most companies, these costs are hidden below the financial radar with historical monthly contracts & service agreements. Holt Stop is challenging the need for maintenance on dock buffering systems with its patented, free moving percussion buffer. Our research showed that the standard dock rubber is replaced on average every 6 months (Costing anywhere from £400-£600 per year + fitting). Holt Stop has been shipping product for over 2 years maintenance free & with zero downtime.

Holt Stop versus the standard buffer and sliding buffer

1. Holt Stop provides superior cushioning/percussion on docking impact. Sliding buffers may stay on the wall longer than a standard 500mm buffer but the forces of the vehicles are being absorbed by the dock or building and more commonly the trailer, which will result in costly damage over time.

2. Holt Stop allows movement in 3 axis (up/down, left/right and back/forward) this patented design ensures that the buffer will protect the vehicle and bay if a) the shunter does not back on straight. b) the dock is hit at high speeds and c) the trailer moves whilst loading.

3. Holt Stop is mounted 150mm higher than the dock leveller which will prevent a costly trailer ride over. Holt Stop sits at least 40mm prouder than existing buffers (still within Health and Safety regulations for telescopic & swing lip docks). This protects docks and cladding from damage caused by teardrop trailers & double decks.

4. Holt Stop is made from 1 piece of folded 8mm steel giving unparallel strength & durability.

5. Due to its design and percussion buffering, Holt Stop is the only universal buffer that will protect docks, buildings & trailers from damage.

6. Holt Stop has a comprehensive 2 year on-site warranty.

In summary, Holt Stop is the market leader in dock buffering systems offering far superior cushioning and protection for docks and trailers. Our clients include DHL, Tradeteam, Iceland, Gist, Carlsberg & Warburtons. We are confident Holt Stop will deliver a virtually maintenance free product over a 5 year term. We are happy to prove our percussion buffer against any other product in the market. Please contact us for further information or to organise a trial installation.

Holt Stop

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