Battery Managed Solutions Ltd is the brainchild of two former employees of Exide Technologies Ltd, Andy Curtis and Peter Allwood. Andy and Peter have worked in the fork truck and lead acid battery industries for a combined period of over 45 years, hence they have vast experience in battery room management solutions, service and battery contract requirements. At the height of their service careers with Exide, they had both achieved Regional Service Manager Status, responsible for the company’s service activities from the South West area right up to Scotland and also including Ireland.

Battery Managed Solutions Ltd (BMS) was formed in the third quarter of 2009 and has just completed its eighth major installation for a major supermarket retailer based in the north of England, as well as securing a number of battery topping and maintenance contracts from other clients.

From a small area to house two to three batteries to an area large enough to cope with hundreds of batteries, BMS have a solution that meets with your operation. They take great pride in discussing the customer’s requirements with them and designing and delivering the end product to suit the area and the operation, complete with ventilation if required.

Andy Curtis explains the BMS approach: “Battery rooms in the past have always had engineering issues, be it rollers that could not cope with the workload or the problem of how hard it was to replace a middle roller; we have looked at these problems and done our utmost to engineer away many of these types of issues. All our front rollers are made from solid bar material; this takes away the problem of operators misaligning the bridge trolleys or transfer cars when changing batteries. Historically the first roller is always the one that takes the major impact when batteries are being changed: we follow this up with heavy duty zinc plated rollers that distribute the weight evenly and assist in minimising rust when battery electrolyte falls on to the zinc plate.”

In this photo the frame work has been laser cut with slots on one end and drilled on the other side to allow easy and simple replacement of any roller as and when it requires replacing.  BMS have also looked at the changing cart (bridge unit) and have redesigned this to take into account the battery size, weight and distance away from the racking.

BMS’s new designs enable operatives to be in a more relaxed position when reaching over to pull the battery onto the cart. This has also reduced the overal weight of the battery and cart when pushing the unit along the guide rail.

An extra roller has also been added to minimise the gap  between the racking and / or the truck when the battery is being positioned. This design has been added to both the static and hydraulic options.

Battery Managed Solutions Ltd have introduced a new battery transfer car onto the market, which is easier to drive yet harder to damage. All the usual problems with these units have been removed and the transfer car has been designed with a view to greater operator compatibility and easier maintenance, and delivered at a price at least 20% cheaper than the nearest competitor. Larger battery areas tend to require ventilation and some customers add battery management systems to help manage large battery fleets to maximise battery life expectancy for a number of years. These are the areas of services in which BMS have the expertise to help you make the correct decisions.

BMS have also just gained their first major service contract for one of the major supermarket chains. BMS is responsible for battery topping and maintenance for a fork lift fleet with over 5,000 batteries and chargers located nationwide in 17 Regional Distribution Centres.

Andy Curtis comments: “At the conclusion of any battery room installation, we can hand over the project with complete confidence that we have addressed all the room’s needs, from the guide rails for fork truck alignment to the computer cabinet for the management system.

“From smaller areas to the larger warehouse, we have the ability to meet every requirement. From simple roll on, roll off beds to battery transfer cars, both battery and mains operated, we have the equipment to address your health and safety issues. We have the most experienced and forward thinking people within the industry, and we have various new options that we are about to introduce.

“Our goal is to give the customer a trouble free battery management experience from start to finish, and if we can improve on the product or installation while in the build process then we are not afraid to advice on any issue that we feel would enhance the operation.”

Battery Managed Solutions Ltd

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