MAN Diesel & Turbo UK recently completed a move into their purpose built 90,000 sq ft warehouse in Stockport which sits alongside a new 20,000 sq ft office facility, both designed and built to reflect their global brand.

State of the art materials handling equipment and process flow management has helped MAN Diesel & Turbo maximise operational efficiency at the facility that provides the highest standards in After Sales solutions including the supply of Spare Parts, Service, Overhauls and customer training at their new PrimeServ Academy.

With cranes, racking, forklifts and traffic routes in place and the operation being busy from day one, it was important to establish and identify a safe route for people to transit through the warehouse. It was equally important that the method used matched the standard and performance which their company policy demands. Following careful consideration and lengthy discussions, Warehouse Lines and Signs were chosen and awarded the contract to provide a precise and durable floor marking system.

The management team at MAN Diesel & Turbo know the importance of preparation and accuracy which made Warehouse Lines and Signs an ideal choice with specialist concrete preparation techniques, durable paint systems and rigorous attention to detail. Pre-installation planning and detailed drawings provided both companies with a clear and considered understanding of the requirements and potential, eliminating any unwanted surprises during the process.

MAN Diesel & Turbo chose a solid walkway because of the strong representation it presents. To enhance its appearance further, white lines run along the edges of the walkway which further increases the visual impact and creates a very clean finish to the walkway.  Zebra crossings are in place where pedestrian routes cross MHE routes which makes good sense because everyone knows what a zebra crossing is and the potential dangers. Warehouse Lines and Signs recommend using Highway Code symbols where possible to create a familiar environment.

To increase the durability of their floor markings, Warehouse Lines and Signs removed the surface of the concrete floor which was originally very smooth and not good for paint to key with. Using specialist machines to remove the top layer, the installation team create a rough surface for the paint to key with. Once achieved the team apply a two part epoxy resin system which is one of the toughest coatings available.

MAN Diesel & Turbo have committed to a maintenance regime which keeps the floor clear of debris and clean of dust, both of which act as abrasives that chip and wear floor coatings far quicker than should be expected. This level of care will further improve performance and longevity of the floor marking system which after all, helps prevent accidents and injuries to those who work and visit MAN Diesel & Turbo.

Warehouse Lines and Signs has quickly developed a name and reputation for high quality floor marking installations with the performance and customer service expected from a leading company. Speaking of the MAN Diesel & Turbo project, David Grundy, Director at Warehouse Lines and Signs said, “The weight of products and level of traffic at MAN Diesel & Turbo’s warehouse is considerable, so the method of preparation and paint system chosen was very important.” He went on to say, “it has been a great project to work on, a schedule for installation was provided and the team at MAN Diesel & Turbo made the areas clear for the duration, allowing us to work unhindered. The result is a first class installation.”

Warehouse Lines and Signs welcome companies to visit their website at or contact them on 0161 483 5603 with their floor marking questions.

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