Transdek’s latest 20 tonne double deck lift pod will be exhibited for the first time ever at the Food & Drink Logistics Show 2011, to be held at the NEC from 27th  February to 1st March.

Developed for the fast and cost effective loading of double deck trailers at high-turnover distribution hubs, the loadhouse contains an electro-hydraulic lifting platform to move palletised or caged goods between the loading bay and the twin decks of any double deck vehicle type.

Amongst its many outstanding features, the system’s loadhouse units are designed for installation in as little as 1 day, and for easy uplift and removal to new sites. “The fact that we can exhibit the equipment at a show, where delivery and installation times are so tightly scheduled, speaks for itself”, said Mark Adams, MD of Yorkshire based Transdek UK.

“Weighing some 30 tonnes, standing almost 6 metres tall, and with an overall length of 12 metres, our 20T double deck lift is a giant of a product. But, although it is built like a tank to withstand the rigours of day to day use in the loading bay, it is also designed with mobility in mind, providing a high level of operating flexibility to our customers,” he continued.

Transdek are able to achieve such short lead times by building the lift’s hydraulics and electrics in to the loadhouse superstructure so that the whole system can be pre-tested and pre-clad prior to delivery. The loadhouse is fitted with a large number of specially-designed features as standard to ensure a safe and efficient handling operation, which saw it win the inaugural Design4Safety Awards (Automation) in 2010.

“We pride ourselves on the continuous process of innovation that we apply to all of our products”, claimed Mr Adams. “We are currently working on (and should have completed by the show), for example, a load cell monitor for the 20T lift’s platform so that it can weigh all products as they are being loaded. This will help to prevent the overloading of the upper floor of any double deck trailer, which is considered to be a serious risk within the industry because of the potential for vehicles to tip over on corners.

“We have also worked to make these products greener, using more efficient lights and motors to cut power usage by as much as 50% in some operating areas. And, by streamlining the design and build, we have also managed to drive costs down by about 50% compared to previous industry levels.”

Transdek’s 20 tonne lift is already providing service to some of the UK’s most prominent retailers, including Tesco.

Transdek UK Limited

Leon Butler, Operations Director

Tel: 01302 752276


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