Hörmann has completed the installation of 56 loading bays at The Co-operative Group’s new distribution centre at Newhouse, Glasgow. Working alongside the main contractor, Winvic, Hörmann has installed dock levellers, angled loading houses, dock shelters, chiller and ambient sectional doors, steels door sets, fire exit doors and LED dock lights. The new site meets the exacting safety standards you would expect from a major retailer and is designed to maximise efficiency of operation. The choice of Hörmann loading bay equipment also helps reduce environmental impact through the longer service life gained  from the attention to detail and high quality engineering applied to each component.

For this development the majority of the dock levellers feature swing lips. The attention to detail you expect from Hörmann gives an especially stable lip hinge through its orthotropic design. This design includes 150mm long specially arranged supporting hinge strips made from the same high grade steel as the lip itself. The open design of this hinge also prevents clogging with dirt or debris.

Two bays have  dock levellers with telescopic lips to accommodate non-standard vehicles. As with the swing lips, the longevity and reliability of operation are delivered through high quality engineering that has interlocking platform and telescopic lip beams. The front edge of the lip is fully reinforced and is especially stable due to the interlocking design.

With the level of attention given to the leading edge of the dock levellers it is no surprise that each dock leveller leaves the factory pre-cabled with cable harness ready to connect the control system. Fully integrated control panels on each bay add to the efficiency and safety of operation.  Hörmann’s tried and tested hydraulic system with two lifting cylinders and an independent third cylinder to operate the lip (whether swing or telescopic), also enhance safety. Both lifting cylinders are fitted with automatic emergency stop valves, that can lock the platform instantly, critical if a truck were to depart prematurely.

Insulated, double skinned, steel faced doors with HCFC free rigid foam infill not only meet the thermal requirements demanded but also deliver the level of rigidity and robustness needed to ensure efficient long term operation.

In order to maximise space utilisation and loading efficiency of the original building design Hörmann proposed the installation of three angled loading houses, improving access to these three bays.  Additionally the selection of LED internal trailer illumination lights is not only more energy efficient but due to the longevity and the vast array of lights means that a single bulb failure doesn’t compromise safety.

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