SSI Schaefer has enabled Teva UK Limited to significantly increase storage capacity, improve picking performance and sharpen efficiency and customer service levels all whilst reducing labour overheads within its new distribution operation.

The design and build of a new automated distribution centre in Castleford, West Yorkshire, was key to achieving such impressive results, handling not only immediate storage and distribution needs but also accommodating future growth of the business.

Teva, part of one of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world and the UK’s leading generic manufacturer of pharmaceutical goods despatching over four million items per day, continually evaluate service and products offerings to ensure the company’s continued success rates.

Working closely with Teva, SSI Schaefer designed and installed the internal layout of Teva’s new distribution centre, introducing automation systems throughout the warehouse operation – an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) with three cranes and 3,500 single deep storage locations was installed alongside pallet racking complete with 21,000 storage locations, a Pallet Conveyor System, a 78 sort lane Tote Conveyor System and a Pick-by-Light System with 13 pick stations and 910 locations. The whole operation is monitored and managed by SSI Schaefer’s ‘Convey’ Warehouse Control System.

Items are picked using three different options; full pallets are selected from the pallet racking, full cartons from the ASRS and single items from the pick-by light system. Ergonomically designed pick stations equipped with hydraulic pallet lifting devices have been installed to help operators. Despatch methods are dependent upon the size of the order and determined by the warehouse management system, which also calculates carton numbers and sizes per order.

JP Bednarek, Operations Manager, Teva, said: “SSI Schaefer were able to visualise our needs from the outset focusing on our ultimate goal – to improve upon our customer service levels and product offering.

Our new fully automated storage and distribution facility has enabled us to easily reduce our labour overheads by moving from a three-shift operation to two-shifts. Perhaps most importantly, the increased storage capacity allows us to handle immediate needs but will also accommodate future growth in the business.”

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