Cooks of Norwich turned to Hörmann for a solution to help Chapmans (UK) Ltd. deaden the sound from their industrial planer. Sited at the Old Airfield in Knettishall, Norfolk this planer works at high speed turning logs into animal beading, a process that can be quite noisy.

To minimise noise pollution Cooks were called in to provide a solution that would allow easy access for the logs to be loaded into the planer and deaden the sound as much as possible.

In consultation with Hörmann Cooks recommended Hörmann’s V6020 high speed curtain doors with a transparent curtain. The choice of a transparent curtain was not, as it usually is, for better visibility but for increased sound deadening as this material is 30% thicker than the fabric  normally used in this type of door.

Though an unusual application this  is yet another example of the use of high speed doors to provide protection with ease of access in an industrial setting. As Kevin Notley of Cooks explains, “we are getting more and more requests for high speed doors as a safety device to  prevent  access to automated process in manufacturing plants as well as many requests for internal high speed doors to help with energy efficiency. This style of door is growing in popularity and we know that by working with Hörmann we are giving our customers the best products and advice.”

The Hörmann Group

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