Nordic ID’s real time monitoring system utilizing rfid will let you know it, today.

The challenge in retail these days is to convince the consumer that the entire foodstuff supply chain is being monitored and controlled to ensure safety and freshness. This has created a need for automatic self monitoring systems to ensure transparency and access to correct data to be given to consumers.

A complete solution:

RFID (radio frequency identification) enables recording and collecting of data throughout the whole supply chain. This way the consumer can follow up the lifecycle of the food stuff all the way from the point of origin to the point of sales. The self monitoring system cares for the condition of the food stuff through the entire journey in the transportation as well as on the shop floor. The consumer can be assured that the food on the table is safe and fresh.

Nordic ID offers the tools to realize RFID tracking and self-monitoring. Nordic ID is one of the leading mobile RFID providers in Europe and has also developed a wireless self-monitoring system.

”Nordic ID Merlin and Nordic ID Morphic are easy to use and integrate, and together with the Nordic ID Monitor they make a self monitoring system that ensures availability of data throughout the food stuff supply chain”, says Kristiina Oras-Wallin, Nordic ID Sales Manager, ”It is now easier to control quality at different stages”.

In Scandinavia Nordic ID has implemented a few different monitoring and tracking solutions covering the whole supply chain to ensure freshness, quality and safety of for example vegetables and fish.

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