Overall 2010 was a positive year for the industry with the levels of work increasing while the industry has been coming to terms with the economic outlook. Developments that were postponed in 2009 were re-tendered, helping with the steady increase in work throughout 2010. I think it will still be tough in 2011 but there will be more refurbishment work as buildings are improved to meet the latest environmental, operational and safety standards. Some of the larger industrial developers are even talking about “spec builds”. This is because some of the existing vacant stock does not reflect these higher environmental standards and tenants are becoming more discerning and more aware of energy costs etc.

Value for money is as vital now as it has ever been, and quality, reliability and longevity are the keys to this. Hörmann has also been able to bring added value to many jobs through our ability to be a true one-stop-shop so that all aspects of the loading bay are fully integrated. The key word here is efficiency, not only in the operation of the completed project but also in the installation. By working on site with our own teams the number of contractors on site is reduced, and subsequently changes and challenges can be met quickly and efficiently.

In 2010 we completed integrated loading bays for a number of high profile customers, including Marks and Spencer, The Co-op, Asda and the Royal Mail. While the first installation of our new DOBO system for Teva in Eastbourne was particularly pleasing since it was a direct result of our efforts to meet customer needs through innovation.

Coming towards the end of 2010 the IMHX show was a good summary of where we are. Cautious optimism with an emphasis on quality and value was an overall theme I took from the event. The longer term view taken by many visitors was very similar, with most more confident about the future than before.

We had a lot of good quality enquiries at the IMHX, and a number of exhibitors are reporting strong orders from the show. I think this does give us all optimism for the future and reinforces the professional nature of our business. We must continue to improve and look to the future. At Hörmann we have maintained our investment in new product development to ensure we can retain our market leading position and meet the exacting needs of our customers. For the future service is everything.

Hörmann, Alan Jenkins, www.hormann.co.uk

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