Avalanche Online, the equipment management software for returnable transit packaging is now available in the UK and Ireland.

Developed originally to control Danish trollies in the Dutch horticulture sector, Avalanche is now used by leading manufacturers, equipment rental companies and retailers across Europe to control RTP in their supply chains.

All businesses, in any industry can benefit from this simple but advanced technology, to efficiently track their returnable packaging or manage equipment from leading rented equipment suppliers.

Avalanche Online will seamlessly integrate with client’s systems using multiple methods of data exchange, including RFID to provide the optimum solution. Other features include real time supply chain visibility and transport planning.

Avalanche Pool-IT is a premium addition to the range, providing  web and server based solutions, enabling retailers and equipment rental companies to manage their own pools, including commercial charge modelling.

Gryphon Clarke Solutions, a leading Equipment Management Consultancy has been appointed by Dutch based TODAYIT, the dynamic developers of Avalanche, to provide sales and support in the UK and Ireland.

For more information call +44 (0)117 230 9492 or visit: www.supplychaintracking.co.uk

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