ParcelPal Ltd has recently launched a new offering into the out-of-hours delivery solutions market. The system provides courier personnel with PIN code access to automated lockers using their mobile phone, as well as full online transaction logging. The system uniquely offers a low cost solution for clients requiring out of hours parcel exchange, at almost any location, with full transaction logging.

Targeted at the in-night or pre-8am delivery and collection market, the lockers are generating a significant amount of interest and according to the MD, Steve Bungard, “We’re approaching small and medium sized carriers with our new system, and are getting a very encouraging uptake rate”.

The lockers can be installed virtually anywhere and are currently being installed at carrier depots, as well as at their key client sites, where critical exchange of parcels is required out of normal hours.

Bungard explained the product uses mobile phone technology, so the system is paid for through a simple SIM card tariff, available through O2, Orange or Vodafone and that ParcelPal have also laid the structure for carriers to benefit directly from promoting the product to their clients. He says “Not only are carriers able to provide an improved out of hours service to their key clients through the use of our system, they can also gain a direct monthly revenue through commission on the SIM card tariff used to lease the product”.

To use the system a courier approaches the locker and phones it up using the number they’ve been given. They then simply type the PIN code they’ve been issued with, into their mobile phone and the secure container unlocks.

As well as the mobile PIN code access the system includes another unique feature in this market, with an optional intercom that can be fitted to the system. When the intercom button is pressed, the system is configured to call the clients; reception, call centre, or out-of hours phone. The recipient of the call can then converse with the person at the calling site via the intercom, and also unlock the container remotely, using the keys on their phone.

Bungard went on to explain about the secure event logging built into the system, which records and uploads information relating to PIN code usage and system operations. This information is stored on the ParcelPal web server and is available either online via secure login, or can be easily integrated into third-party systems.

More information on the parcelpal system can be found on the company website at

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