After cutting one client’s annual energy bill by £84k, Star Refrigeration is reaffirming its commitment to reducing plant running costs with the launch of a nationwide pro-active maintenance campaign.

The cooling solutions specialist says equipment operation and maintenance typically accounts for over 80% of a refrigeration plant’s lifecycle cost.  Star is urging plant operators across the UK to invest in a pro-active aftercare programme in order to ensure optimum long-term performance and lower running costs.

Star believes that the vital role of planned, preventative maintenance (PPM) is often overlooked when selecting and installing equipment.  Refrigeration plant designed with inbuilt efficiency features will not deliver optimum performance and reliability without a clearly defined and ongoing PPM programme.

Star Refrigeration’s Operations MD Graham Stuart says: “When selecting new plant, much emphasis is placed on the most efficient design but this does not guarantee low running costs. Proactive maintenance is absolutely key to ensuring a plant continues to operate at design parameters throughout its lifecycle.”

He adds: “Ultimately, equipment is a valuable asset and only the appropriate aftercare will ensure optimum long term performance with safe operation, energy efficiency and reliability. In our experience, the cost of plant inefficiency and unreliability far outweighs the investment required in an effective PPM regime.”

Starcare is Star’s professional PPM programme, incorporating scheduled maintenance and full documentation to satisfy statutory and business requirements. This proactive approach to maintenance is proven to reduce lifecycle costs for customers.

One such success story is a multi-temperature distribution centre, where Star made modifications to the plant control system and refrigerant charge after taking responsibility for maintenance. The result was enhanced operating efficiency, increased plant reliability and improved consistency of cold store temperatures.

A comparison of plant running costs over a 12-month period since the launch of the Starcare programme at this facility shows an average monthly energy saving of 100,000kWhr. This corresponds to an operating cost saving of £7,000 per month or £84,000 per annum.

Star is the UK’s largest industrial refrigeration engineering company, with a nationwide network of nine branch offices. A team of more than 80 highly skilled and experienced mobile field engineers ensures that Star customers have plants that operate efficiently and reliably throughout the year.

Graham Stuart adds: “From the outset, we work closely alongside each customer to develop a proactive maintenance programme, tailored to their needs. With new customer sites, existing equipment and operating logs are surveyed free of charge. A report then highlights areas for action to bring the plant back to its original design performance, along with suggestions for improving reliability and efficiency. These are then developed into an agreed action plan covering implementation and performance.  This is reviewed regularly with the customer.”

The Starcare team continuously reviews plant performance against design parameters to ensure the lowest possible running costs. Improving performance is an ongoing endeavour, from simple changes to operating conditions through to retrofitting new energy enhancing technology to existing systems.   Examples include the application of Star’s ‘Aether’ condenser fan inverter controller, defrost on demand, automatic oil recovery and electronic expansion valves.

Star’s Telstar control system enables offsite monitoring of plant faults and alarms. The latest system provides a maintenance alert option, which detects movement away from the plant’s design conditions. This gives an early warning of any reduction in efficiency and potential future problems, enabling Star engineers to attend site to resolve issues.

Star Refrigeration is a world leader in cooling and heating system innovation. Star focuses on the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and aftercare of industrial refrigeration and HVAC systems.

Star works with strategic partners across the globe to deliver low carbon, cost saving solutions. Star continues to invest in the development of new products to provide energy conscious cooling and heating systems for the benefit of customers and the environment.

Star Refrigeration

Tel: 0141 638 7916


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