Hörmann’s patented SoftEdge bottom profile for its internal and external high speed curtain doors is proving to be a win win product. Chosen for the added safety it brings the innovative design is also reducing maintenance and downtime costs.

Safety first, the Softedge is highly flexible in the vertical plane  minimising impact risks, while its strength in the horizontal plane gives the rigidity for smooth trouble free operation over many thousands of cycles. This rigidity also means that the door will, by design, detach from the guides in the event of impact from a lift truck for instance. In this circumstance the door remains undamaged, the mechanism automatically stops and after impact simply closing the door relocates it into the guides.

In the event of an impact there are no repair costs, minimal time is lost and injury to personnel and damage to goods is highly unlikely. With the use of high speed doors becoming more common in many warehouse environments SoftEdge is helping Hörmann to retain their position as the market leader.

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