sara Loading Bay Specialists Ltd and IDS Industrial Doors Systems (Southern) Ltd have merged to become one company, sara/IDS Loading Bay Specialists Ltd. The merger has been undertaken to provide improved levels of efficiency and service to customers, giving them direct access to sales, service and technical expertise, by combining the capabilities of both companies in one purpose-built technical and sales facility located in Hemel Hempstead.

sara is well known for supplying industrial doors and loading bay systems that are at the cutting edge of the industry. The company’s dedicated sales teams are experts at determining the ideal solution for each individual customer. From the initial quote through to after sales support sara employs a personal approach to make sure that its solutions have a fantastic operating life.

IDS has been providing engineering and maintenance services for industrial doors and loading bays across the United Kingdom since 1987. Its experience has made it one of the UK’s leading experts in the industrial door and loading bay industry.

Prior to the merger, IDS was owned by sara, regularly lending its knowledge to advise on technical solutions. The merger brings the strengths of each company under one umbrella, giving customers direct access to all areas of expertise.

Ed Wilks, Operations Manager, comments: “For over twenty years both sara and IDS have been striving to deliver state-of-the-art equipment and faultless customer services. In the past IDS has contributed to sara’s technical quotes and then been contracted to carry out installation and maintenance; the merger will mean that sara customers have direct access to its technical engineers and fleet of maintenance vehicles.”

sara Loading Bay Specialists Limited is a major force in five key market sectors within the UK: high speed doors, loading bay equipment, industrial doors, aluminium ramps and drawbridge levellers. sara is a total package supplier, combining excellence in product supply with the highest levels of pre and post sales design input and technical support. Our solutions are an important benefit to the end user, specifier, and main contractor.

sara Loading Bay Specialists Ltd

Edward Wilks

Tel: 01923 208888


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