LINPAC Allibert, global expert in plastic returnable transit packaging for the food, retail, distribution and manufacturing sectors, unveiled its versatile new concept in roll cages at IMHX 2010.

The company also showcased its new solid Maxipac complete with lid and new label holder and a new version of its multi-award winning Maxinest container, designed for automation.

LINPAC Allibert’s new roll cage concept has a range of features, which make it a valuable retail and distribution workhorse. Although durable and robust enough to cope with the demanding supply chain environment, it is also fitted with attractive, solid side panels, which can be printed for attractive point-of-sale merchandising ideal for promotion in a wholesale or retail environment.

For fashion retail, it can hold a hanging unit with one to four garment rails, while for general retail it has multi-shelf options for one to four shelves and a shelf can also be attached to the top for added protection. It can also be fitted as a combined unit housing both shelves and hanging rails.

Shelves and rails can be installed and removed quickly and easily, making it extremely versatile and perfectly suited for environments where it will need to fulfil a range of tasks.

Detailed design input has ensured that a number of additional safety features have been included such as an x-frame base, which provides greater protection to operators by preventing shins from knocking against the base while it is being rolled and flexible hand holds on the side panels, designed to protect operators’ hands when negotiating tight doorways or areas where access is restricted.

The base folds away allowing  empty units to nest, saving valuable space on return transport, while the side panels, which are made from impact-resistant plastic, can be fitted to two, three or four sides to protect contents from damage and promote hygiene. They can also slot into existing z-frame bases.

Maggie Dagostino, head of marketing and innovation at LINPAC Allibert, explains: “The new design concept of the roll-cage means that it can be many things in one, or can be tailored to meet the specialist needs of different customers. This might be robust shelving for frozen food distribution or simple bar mechanisms for hanging garments. It is attractive compared to the traditional metal cages and has the capability to be utilised as a high impact  merchandising unit in retail stores or wholesalers, thus utilising “one touch merchandising” which promotes better supply chain efficiency.

LINPAC Allibert

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