Leading warehouse automation supplier KNAPP has delivered the 5000th shuttle from its ground-breaking OSR Shuttle™ range, which now boasts over 100 satisfied customers worldwide.

Although there are several similar products on the market today, the shuttle concept – which combines shuttle-based storage with pick-to-light stations – was invented by KNAPP when the OSR Shuttle™ made its market début back in 2002. KNAPP has continued to develop the system, adding new variations to the range since then, and is about to launch even more innovations for the OSR series.

2,000 more shuttles ordered

Customers in diverse industries around the world are reaping the benefits of the proven OSR Shuttle™ system and there are orders in the pipeline for a further 2,000 shuttles. There are several large projects underway in the UK and Germany that feature OSR Shuttle™ solutions – some with rack heights of 18 metres and rack lengths of more than 100 metres. Existing OSR Shuttle™ installations in the UK include systems for John Lewis, British Gas and CooperVision.

Energy-efficient and economical

The OSR Shuttle™ system features proven technology for energy recuperation. Combined with low shuttle weight, this results in excellent energy efficiency – to retrieve a container from the OSR Shuttle™ requires only some 5% of the energy needed for the equivalent performance in a stacker crane system. Further savings result from easy servicing without interruption to ongoing operations and the use of common components.

A versatile solution

The OSR Shuttle™ is the foundation for KNAPP’s low-complexity warehouse concept, which aims to reduce the number of technologies used around the warehouse. It is modular in design – formed from the key components of racking, shuttles, lifts and control system – allowing expansion to be carried out step-by-step, as customer needs change to create the demand for increased performance or capacity. This versatile solution can handle all the key processes of the modern automated warehouse including storage, consolidation, sequencing, buffering, picking and returns.

OSR Shuttle™ sorter

One of the key developments in the OSR Shuttle™ range has been the OSR Shuttle™ sorter, which will be demonstrated live on KNAPP stand (20D30) at IMHX. This dispatch buffer solution is designed for installation in the goods-out area of a distribution centre. Totes ready for dispatch are fed to flow-rack channels by a shuttle, with each customer order assigned to one or more channels. Channels are selected so that the driver can load his vehicle according to the sequence of his route, with visual guidance on large monitors minimising errors. OSR Shuttle™ sorters have already been successfully installed at the sites of pharmaceutical wholesalers COFEX in Spain and Cooprofar in Portugal.

New developments

KNAPP is working on a number of developments for the OSR Shuttle™ range, several of which will be launched soon. Says Craig Rollason, Head of Sales and Marketing for KNAPP UK Ltd, “A shuttle is now being worked on that can leave the aisle to supply work stations directly, without the need for rails. In addition, insight from KNAPP’s KiSoft VISION optically guided picking technology is also influencing the technology of the shuttle concept.”

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