Visitors looking for the Exide Technologies IMHX stand may have to do a double-take when looking for stand 19L120, for the UK’s leading motive power supplier is undergoing a name change. Following a global rationalisation, Exide Technologies Industrial Energy in the UK will now be called ‘GNB Industrial Power’.

One thing that visitors won’t miss is the colourful Honda Insight car on the stand. Apart from the livery, there is another unique aspect to this vehicle. It is another Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), but it has been retro-fitted with GNB’s advanced lead carbon AGM batteries – the type often used in walk-behind power pallet trucks. “It is ironic that the 151-year-old lead-acid battery is able to be completely reinvented to meet the needs of these new applications,” said Dr. Paul Cheeseman, Vice President, Global Engineering and Research for Exide Technologies. “Until recently, the high power density of lead-acid has been overlooked for HEV applications because virtually none of the designs seemed optimal. The reality is that the battery requirements of the HEV – with its short, frequent cycles and infrequent over-charging – actually fit the characteristics of AGM lead-acid chemistry.”

Nigel Darke, Business Director comments “No matter what name we go under, for over 150 years we’ve been looking to improve stored energy technology and find new applications. The beauty of being part of such a large global company is that advancements in one market then work their way through to other applications and products.

Also on display will be state of the art lithium ion batteries from Exide’s new division, ReStore Energy Systems, which has been launched to concentrate on renewable energy as well as the lithium ion product. ReStore is currently focussing on supporting motive power customers by developing the lithium ion product into this particular market.

Nigel Darke, Business Director at GNB Industrial Power commented “Lead acid has been the cornerstone of the motive power battery market for over a century and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future thanks to its deep discharge capabilities. Lithium ion has recently been adopted by other transport sectors such as electric cars. Our Onyx lithium ion batteries are lightweight and offer large capacities and are already powering underwater autonomous vehicles and robotic equipment. The weight of lead acid batteries has particular benefits for counterbalanced trucks but GNB’s R&D centres are continually investing in new technologies and extending existing technologies into new sectors so this product could be on a Warehouse Managers’ shopping list in the near future.”

GNB is keen to show how its products can save money as well as helping to reduce CO2 output, in some cases by up to 20%. Using high frequency chargers in combination with Liberator Silver batteries fitted with air for example, can give operating cost savings of up to 24% as well as offering other operational advantages such as reduced charging times and extended life.

GNB Industrial Power also specialises in niche products such as flame retardant batteries for potentially flammable applications and Copper Stretched Metal (CSM) specifically developed for very narrow aisle (VNA) use.

GNB Industrial Power

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