easyline-indoorROCOL® – the world leading manufacturer of site safety solutions – has unveiled its largest ever marketing campaign to promote its flagship line marking paint, EASYLINE®. Branded ‘THE GREATEST LINES FROM EASYLINE®’, this intensive campaign comprises direct mail, in-store merchandising, online, advertising and PR activity. It is designed to re-enforce the superior performance benefits of the EASYLINE® system that is widely used throughout warehouses, logistics and distribution centres, manufacturing sites, schools, retail units and sports facilities.

Acknowledged as the ultimate aerosol line marking paint around the world, EASYLINE® is an extremely durable, ‘traffic grade’ epoxy paint that guarantees the sharpest, brightest and most durable lines both indoors and out. A superior paint formulation and a precision engineered EASYLINE® Edge applicator presents the only system on the market to effectively spray 50mm, 75mm and 100mm lines.

As well as lasting at least two times longer than competitive products, EASYLINE® offers speed and ease of use – drying in ten minutes with no mess or wastage – and proven value for money with an extended life span, reduced need for repainting and no need for expensive contractors.

EASYLINE® also presents numerous health, safety and environmental benefits including the lowest Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) system on the market, a non-toxic, non-harmful and irritant free formula and is non-harmful to the environment and aquatic life.

International Marketing Manager at ROCOL®, Simon Porter, comments: “This latest campaign not only provides a profitable opportunity for those distributors who wish to maximise displays and exploit stocking deals of the EASYLINE® system, it continues to re-enforce the confidence we have in our products and demonstrates our resolve to position ROCOL® as the number one choice for line marking paint.”

EASYLINE® is available in eight RAL matched colours and two fluorescents. Combining patented technology and a battery powered airflow applicator, the EASYLINE® Edge system comes in a heavy duty storage case complete with battery and spare masking plates. Quick to assemble and simple to use, the system also features adjustable rear wheels that allow line marking close to walls and racks.

ROCOL® manufactures a comprehensive range of innovative greases, oils, metalworking fluids, lubricants, aerosol paints, anti-slip floor coatings and panels that are renowned for exceeding today’s challenging operating conditions. ROCOL® prides itself on producing technically advanced products with industry needs at its core.

For further information on ROCOL® and its product range, visit www.rocol.com or contact the customer services team on 0113 232 2700

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