img_0073_nologoThe annual Fork Lift Truck Safety Conference provides an exceptionally cost effective way of keeping up to date with best practice in the operation of fork lift trucks. Ideally, every user would ensure that they had a senior representative at the conference every year, someone who could take note of new ideas and pass the information throughout the company.

The 2010 conference, which will take place on Wednesday 22nd September at Warwick University, is packed full of interesting issues and speakers. As well as experts from within the fork lift truck industry, there will be key speakers from outside, looking in and providing different and valuable perspectives. These include legal, insurance and construction industry specialists.

This year’s theme, The Bigger Picture, provides a look at the issues that relate directly to management. The one-day conference’s sessions cover a wide range of subjects, including strategic planning, insurance and legal issues – such as corporate manslaughter – supervisory issues and training.

Chief executive David Ellison says: “This conference is aimed at all levels of management and all sizes of company. A director of a multinational organisation is just as vulnerable as the owner of a small company. Every aspect of the operation of fork lift trucks has hidden hazards and is engulfed in legislation. It is the director, senior manager or owner who will be held responsible when things go wrong!”

lpgenius_cmykThe UK’s leading LPG firm Calor will sponsor this year’s event. Calor’s training coordinator, Phil Anderson, will present a seminar on the safe use of LPG fuels in the workplace. He says: “Health and safety is one of the most important areas of materials handling and Calor places huge importance on communicating how to stay safe.”

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