vow_069__ap34134Logistex, the international automated logistics systems supplier, has completed a full service project ahead of schedule and on budget to enable leading office products wholesaler VOW Europe Ltd to consolidate and expand its operations in the UK.

Logistex provided a full consultation and design service to assist VOW throughout the planning stage. The company used its Situational Analysis procedure and the client’s historical data, resulting in a proposal to consolidate several warehouse operations into a single distribution centre in Normanton, South Yorkshire.

The system is built around a comparatively simple, low-level installation including a one-kilometre carton conveyor where totes and cartons are routed around a zoned system for picking. A full case pick line operating at up to 2,000 containers per hour supplements the pick case function. Each consignment is checked and scanned, then routed through a sorter at up to 2,850 items per hour. Logistex supplied its own LWS warehouse control software, designed to fully and easily integrate with the client’s Manhattan WMS.

The installation has been designed to handle the diverse range of order size, volume and changes in demand. Totes can carry up to 25kg and cartons as slim as 50mm can be conveyed directly to dispatch to keep space and shipping costs to a minimum.

VOW’s Frans Schootbrugge commented: ”The consolidation project has helped us bring the four warehouses together smoothly to benefit from rationalising stock and improve service levels, while bringing down the cost per transaction. Logistex’s approach to the task to develop a detailed project qualification – asking questions, evaluating alternative strategies and modeling various outcomes – ensured we had a clear vision of exactly what the system was designed to deliver. The two project teams worked well together which made a big contribution to a successful outcome and fast delivery.”


Keith Edmonds

Tel: 01536 480600

E: keith.Edmonds@logistex.com


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