chazWelcome to the 15 September Warehouse & Logistics News. WLN is once again proud to be Media Partner to the FLTA Safety Conference, taking place this year at Warwick University on 22 September. Titled ‘The Bigger Picture’, the Conference looks at safety issues from a strategic angle – for instance, what can be done in planning a project to minimise the chances of fork lift truck related incidents? Who in the organisation should be thinking about this? When should they begin the process?

To start the ball rolling, in this issue you’ll find our FLTA Safety Conference Supplement, which previews the event and includes articles on fork truck safety, good warehouse practice and all other aspects of safety in the warehouse and logistics environment.

We’ve also got a feature in this issue on Floors & Floor Care, which includes floor preparation, floor maintenance and area markings.

Settlement of fill material under warehouse floors built on concrete slabs can cause slab movement or rocking, and joint problems in the slab.

Repairing or modifying warehouse floors costs a fortune in building costs and consequential losses from business disruption. At the same time, leaving floors untreated can render racking unsafe. In short, in this situation floor repair is an urgent priority.

In our Floors feature we interview Chris Davies, Managing Director of Uretek UK, who are quite literally helping uphold the UK’s warehousing and logistics operations, thanks to Uretek’s innovative floor repairing and slab lifting process. This unique, patented method gets the job done with maximum speed, minimum disruption and no excavation, by injecting a proprietary polymer resin that expands and bears the load.

In our other interview, we highlight the Widdowson Group, a logistics company whose fruitful development into new areas could stimulate the emergence of a new breed of logistics providers. As John Hawksworth, Commercial Director, explains, in recent years Widdowson has diversified extensively, and is now widely recognised as an end-to-end supply chain provider, providing manufacturers and retailers in different sectors with added value services springing from its core logistics business. These “extras” include contract packing, pallet refurbishment, garage services and driver training.

In today’s ultra-competitive logistics marketplace, total customer satisfaction is more important than ever. Widdowson’s willingness to go the extra mile with the scope of its services could well inspire its peers to offer that little bit more too.

Happy reading!

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