system-9000_20050926_12Whether racked, stacked or shelved, Schoeller Arca’s System 9000 storage and modular bins make the most of limited space, maximizing internal volume and minimizing gaps between them. Ideal in carousel systems, or on roller conveyors also, and with a range of sizes from 0.2Ltr to 33Ltr, the bins offer the perfect solution for the storage and handling of small parts.

In warehouses, workshops, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and retail stores, there can be many small components and objects to keep in order. Organising them for fast, efficient storage and retrieval can be difficult but in many cases can be critical to the business. The design of the bins and trays assures easy identification of and access to the contents, as well as full utilization of space and versatility.

A recent case study with Airbus Hawker, world leaders in sales and distribution to the aviation industry, provided a perfect example where significant improvements in service levels can be achieved. Not only were direct inventory costs improved, the biggest benefit to their business has been a consistent 99%+ availability & location of parts that has eradicated costly line disruption.

In addition to these benefits, Schoeller Arca Systems storage containers are ideal when switching from cardboard or one trip units by reducing or even eliminating waste packaging whilst offering a durable and recyclable storage solution.

Contact Schoeller Arca Systems Ltd today to see how they could save your company money, time and space!

For further information contact Nick James – Schoeller Arca Systems on or 01235 863800. Reference WLN-S9000.

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