john-lewis-gap-101John Lewis, a leading multi channel high street retailer, has recently invested in a BestReach telescopic boom and BestFlex expandable conveyor to assist its operators in loose loading and unloading of large vehicle trailers quickly, safely and efficiently at their distribution centre in Magna Park, Milton Keynes.

Opened in 2009, the modern 650,000 sq.ft DC provides John Lewis with flexible warehouse space, from where items can be shipped direct to customers, speeding up the process and thereby improving customer service.

To support the loading/unloading of 40ft shipping containers and operating from behind an existing large dock leveller, a BestReach (BR3150) with 15m telescopic boom extension was selected to reach the head of the container. This was also equipped with a Hydraulic Tilt and a Man-Rider Platform that allows the operator to raise and lower the level of the belt at the pick face. This provides a safe and ergonomic contact throughout and helps reduce operator fatigue, whilst increasing throughput.

Best Conveyors integrated the new BestReach telescopic boom conveyor with a BestFlex 200 gravity skatewheel conveyor to provide a highly efficient vehicle loading/unloading system. The expandable, flexible BestFlex conveyor is attached to the rear of the BestReach to allow offloaded products to accumulate, order to create time for operators to identify, sort, unload and palletise products along the whole length of the conveyor.

David Lloyd, Operations Manager at Magna Park, said: “On identifying the need to improve our container tipping process in terms of productivity and space, Best Conveyors provided us with a solution that fitted our needs through flexibility in design. We have been very happy with the service provided by Best Conveyors as they have worked closely with us throughout the selection process, installation and provided operational support delivering to time and budget.”

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