insider_image1It’s all a bit hectic in my house at the moment; we’re planning our wedding you see. This time next month it’ll be done and dusted and we’ll be en-route to Cuba for a relaxing honeymoon but right now tensions are rising as we try and get all the final details together in time for the big day.

So many things need to come together from separate sources, in one place, some within our control and some out of our control and just one missing item could throw everything out of sync.

It all doesn’t sound too dissimilar to one of my previous jobs – trying to get separate kitchen items together in time for the big (fitting) day.

Of course comparing wedding planning to everyday work tasks is not ideal because straight away you take all the fun out of it, unless of course you happen to have a job which is fun fun fun from the moment you walk through the door – if you do have that job then please let me know where.

Planning is something of a strange thing for me because I have always been pretty good at it in a professional environment but completely hopeless once I get through my own front door.

Three major deliveries going out on the same day with many special order items, all coming in from ten different suppliers and needed for delivery first thing on a Sunday morning – no problem.

Massive family party planned so need to book a venue, make sure everybody can attend from many different locations and that there’s enough food and entertainment – arrgh where do I start.

On the face if it they’re two relatively similar tasks and yet I know I would need some serious help with the latter while the former should be an absolute doddle.

Much of that is down to experience I suppose.

I have plenty of experience in scheduling deliveries from a warehouse and it becomes easier as you go along, especially once you’ve learned from the inevitable mistakes you will make along the way.

I’m clearly less experienced when it comes to planning weddings – I count a few professions in my back catalogue but wedding planner isn’t one of them – which is why I need my fiancé to help plan a wedding but not to plan a major delivery.

Having said that – a fiancé who could also help me plan a major delivery, now there’s a thought!

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