insider_imageI want to share with you this month one of the most annoying advertising techniques I have ever come across in a warehouse. It’s taken almost a year for me to get this off my chest but as I sit watching that overweight opera singer trying to sell car insurance I’ve flipped and need to share this incident with you.

I had a fairly old shutter door in my warehouse, it had seen a lot of action over the years and sported a sizeable dent where a van driver had presumably failed to notice the door was closed and had driven into it.

As you would imagine for such a well-used door it did stop working from time to time. Ideally it should have been replaced really but the company didn’t have the money at that time to do so – so we made do.

There was a very good company I used – a little too regularly – to fix the door and keep my goods safe and secure. I had no complaints with their service and was only too happy for their number and logo to be advertised on the shutter.

One day I had the shutter open as I was expecting a big delivery. I had a couple of visitors midway through the morning who turned out to be trying to flog the services of a rival shutter door repair firm than the one I was using. I thanked them for taking the time to come and see me and explained that I wouldn’t be interested in their services as I was very happy with the firm I was already using.

Off went the two salesman and I thought nothing more of it until I next looked at the shutter and realised the pair, on their way in, had stuck a sticker with their company’s details over the spot which had previously displayed their competitors.

I guess their hope was that they’d covered up my only access to the phone number and that I would now be forced to use their company. Unfortunately for them I had a well-kept contact book which included the number they’d so sneakily covered up. My regular door repairers were only to pleased to retain my custom and send me some more stickers to cover up the others.

The salesmen did at least earn their employers one phone call though – but it was only me calling to complain about their tactics.

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