unionbondgroupUnion Industries, the market-leading manufacturer of the Matadoor range of Hi-Speed Doors, has helped The Bond Group secure an interest-free loan from the Carbon Trust as part of a major energy saving project at the company’s premises in Sheerness.

Union delivered one of its Carbon Trust approved energy audits at The Bond Group facility, which enabled the company to secure funding for new Union Bulldoors.

The Bond Group was established in 1976 and now operates across five regional sites servicing the UK employing 200 people and has an annual turnover of £15 million.

Privately owned by the management team, the company is recognised as the leading refrigeration display case remanufacturer supplying all the major supermarkets from its Sheerness in Kent and Stoke on Trent branches. In 2009 The Bond Group opened its New Cabinet Division in Telford, which completed the company’s service provision to this industry.

As well as utilising the Bulldoors to assist with eradicating energy loss from loading bays and despatch areas, The Bond Group enlisted Union’s help with a programme to change the internal factory lighting to become more energy-efficient. Union Industries then incorporated this into their loan submission for funding from the Carbon Trust.

In addition to carrying out the audit, Union Industries provided heat and energy loss payback calculations to the Carbon Trust in order for the loan to be processed. The heat loss calculation system was independently verified by a Carbon Trust appointed consultant.

The interest-free-loan provided by the Carbon Trust, is designed to pay for itself through the energy savings that replacement equipment provides. The new doors are expected to provide energy savings in the excess of £10,000 including a saving of in excess of £5,000 from the energy-efficient lighting.

Union’s Bulldoors, which are part of their Matadoor Range of Hi-Speed Doors, can play a major role in preventing heat loss from commercial & industrial premises. Due to their reliable operation and fast operating speeds, the Matadoor range ensures minimal opportunity for heat loss or the ingress of cold air.

The Carbon Trust, which has the aim of accelerating the move to a low carbon economy and encouraging the development of commercial low carbon technologies for the future, approved Union’s calculations and agreed a loan repayment plan directly with The Bond Group, where the energy savings from the Bulldoors’ installation would cover the monthly loan repayments.

The payback period for the loan is three years, and once the loan is paid off, the savings will go straight back to The Bond Group. Gary Bareham, Union Industries Technical Sales Manager, said: “For companies that are operating in large premises, such as The Bond Group, it is vital that energy efficient tools are in place. The experience we have providing audits for our doors has allowed us to expand our services into other areas to help our customers secure funding for energy-efficient equipment, for example, as in the case of The Bond Group, low-energy lighting systems.”

He added: “With the cost of energy rising and the drive towards a low-carbon economy, energy-efficiency, temperature control and heat loss are big issues within industry. With the support of the Carbon Trust, there is now more opportunity for companies to install our fast acting, reliable doors, which are an ideal solution for dealing with these energy challenges.”

John Atkinson from The Bond Group, said: “Union’s committed support to secure the funding from the Carbon Trust for the doors and lighting has been invaluable.

union-logo“We knew energy-saving measures had to be made to our main building. The Bulldoor from Union Industries’ was the obvious choice when discussing solutions and the fact they were also able to help us organise the loan for the lighting has made this a much more straightforward project.”

Hugh Jones, Director of Solutions for the Carbon Trust said: “The Bond Group’s use of a Carbon Trust loan to pay for the installation of Union’s energy saving doors has created a win, win, win situation. The Bond Group has slashed its energy spend without having to spend company cash upfront on the installation. Union has increased its revenues through the sale.  Finally, we at the Carbon Trust are achieving our aim of reducing carbon emissions.”

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