ts-10_titelDue to continued success and growth in the systems solutions area, Transnorm have decided to bring that business segment to the next level of professionalism by transferring all major “systems style” conveyor enquiries to a new company, Conveyor Networks Ltd; where the existing strengths of Transnorm and their subcontractor, Lifetime Controls Ltd (for software/IT knowledge) be brought together for even better customer benefit.

As materials handling system complexity has increased in recent years and reliance on high level IT even more so, Transnorm have long worked with Strategic partners to deliver these IT solutions and support services. However, even this does not meet the increasing demands from the market place.

Therefore, led by David Carroll and other experienced people formerly with Transnorm and their strategic IT/Control partners, Conveyor Networks Ltd will be your recommended provider for Factory and Logistics Automation projects. They will be able to better integrate typical Transnorm solutions with a range of other products and services here in the UK with service contracts of all kinds.

Transnorm Group management are fully supporting this exciting development with Conveyor Networks Ltd and will ensure seamless co-operation on an exclusive basis for all major systems solutions and of course, to ensure deliveries to our customers continues to be first class. Transnorm products will continue to be manufactured in Germany (where all product R&D is carried out) and along with the new TCC (Transnorm Competence Centre) will offer clients the chance to test solutions and train staff.

Transnorm System Ltd will reinforce its focus on its core business of supplying Modules, supporting the key business areas of Airports baggage handling systems and associated contractors, along with key parcel distribution companies, several OEM’s and other global key accounts. Naturally Transnorm will continue to develop and support the curve product and the range of other modular solutions including Merges, SmartSort VertiSwitch and Vertical Lifts amongst others. In addition, Transnorm will continue to supply individual belt and roller conveyor modules and spare parts to existing customers and integrators whilst recommending Conveyor Networks for complete materials handling solutions.

Richard Coles, Managing Director of Transnorm System Ltd commented: “Transnorm System Ltd will work closely with its customers, suppliers and with Conveyor Networks to ensure that the current and future product, delivery and service remain market leading. In that respect we kindly ask you to transfer all the trust and confidence you have had in Transnorm over the years, to Conveyor Networks Ltd as the new opportunity for your systems solutions and even better support in the future”. He added “In these uncertain days of a global recession, we are pleased to be forming new partnerships to ensure a solid foundation with support for our customers as business turns positive”.

Transnorm System Ltd

Richard Coles, MD

Tel: 01684 291100

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