Over the last 12 months the ever-delicate business climate has looked more than uncertain, so like all businesses Klimate spent said time battling to gain that competitive edge to secure their position as one of the UK’s leading High Speed Door Manufacturers.

Klimate High Speed doors are a subsidiary of BID Group, formally known as Bolton Industrial Doors, and are permanently striving to surpass the goals set by the Group for the upcoming year.

One aim of Klimate through 2010 is to shake up the freezer/ chiller door industry with the newly designed, successfully tested Klimate K2 freezer door. The initial innovation of the original K2 was a great success and as competition grew so did Klimate’s ambitions and as always Klimate strived to better themselves as well as the competition with the new Klimate K2 Insulated.

The High Speed nature of the Klimate door range suits perfectly to high traffic access openings. Whether it be a factory warehouse, manufacturers shop floor access, food storage/manufacturer, or a freezer/chiller storage unit, Klimate High Speed doors have the door to suit, which help maintain a constant temperature whilst acting as a vermin control and have many safety features which reduce the chance of further damage and breakages to the doors.

The Ardent range of doors provides valuable energy savings with the additional benefit of low maintenance costs. Due to the simplistic nature of the Klimate doors plus the available training from Klimate engineers given to onsite personnel on the workings of the doors, which allows for any minimal maintenance work to be undertaken in-house, drastically reduces on going call out charges along with reducing ‘downtime’ of the doors.

A further ambition of Klimate and BID Group as a whole is to acquire the best service and maintenance contracts possible.

In late December 2009 BID Group acquired a service contract for one of the West Midlands emergency services. Following the first call out in February of 2010 BID Group have shown willing and excellence of service arriving to callouts well within the 2 hours maximum response time.

BID complete the industrial doors portfolio with roller shutters, fire roller shutters, bi-folding doors, sectional overhead doors and many other products and services including loading bay solutions, gates and barriers.

For more information visit www.bidgroup.co.uk or www.klimate.co.uk or contact: 0870 607 5050.

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