trentpro-32Specially designed racking from Pro-Dek Storage Systems has provided an economical, versatile solution for storing a wide variety of canoes and rowing boats, some of which are 60ft long, in a new boat-house at Trentham Lake, Staffordshire.

The new boat-house was built to provide a new base for the Trentham Boat and Canoe Clubs, and Pro-Dek worked closely with the clubs to maximise the number of boats of various types that could be stored, while allowing them to be handled safely and without damage. In order to reduce the cost to the clubs, Pro-Dek supplied all the racking in kit form for assembly by club members.

For the rowing club the racking had to make provision for single and double sculls, fours and eights, which are 60ft long, as well as ancillary equipment such as oars. The boats are expensive, fragile and awkwardly shaped, so it was essential that they could be handled easily in a confined space.

To meet this requirement, Pro-Dek supplied three double-sided sections of cantilever racking with telescopic arms that extend 600 mm, so rowers can stand directly beneath the boats as they pick them up and put them down. The arms are 1200mm long when retracted. All upper surfaces are covered with 6mm thick rubber strips so the boats do not come into contact with the steel. Glide roller mechanisms used for the extension sections provide a particularly smooth action.

trent-06A fourth single-sided section has 750mm conventional arms, also protected with rubber strips. All the rowing club racking is four metres high and has bolted arms adjustable in 50mm increments.

For the Canoe Club Pro-Dek supplied one section of cantilever racking with eight arm levels and three modules of pigeon-hole racking that provide nearly 100 storage locations of various sizes. Rubber strips are fitted to all horizontal sections to protect the canoes, and one of the modules has castors so it can be moved to improve access and allow the space to be used as flexibly as possible.

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