insider_image1It’s that time of year again, Valentines Day is barely out of the way and now Mothering Sunday is just around the corner. For me these are not highlights of the calendar, in fact I treat them with disinterest at best and at worst, disdain. Under duress, however, I normally contribute a little gift to the relevant parties to commemorate the ‘occasions’.

I guess an inbuilt dislike to these occasions developed during my time working in a delivery warehouse – it’s one of the busiest periods of the year and a busy time always goes hand in hand with increased pressure.

I’ve never seen so many flowers in a confined space as when working in a delivery warehouse in the lead-up to Mothering Sunday. The flowers were all boxed up and ready to be delivered to a delighted mother somewhere whose child is clearly more interested in the occasion than myself. This wasn’t without its problems because the company sending out these flowers opted to use fairly flimsy boxes to store the flowers which look much less appealing after they’ve been knocked about in the back of a lorry as it travels through the country.

Now, I may have admitted to not caring much for the occasion but I do care about the quality of goods leaving the warehouse so I spent much of my shift – far more than the other warehouse operatives I might add – straightening out boxes, checking and rearranging the contents, resealing boxes and digging out the portable heater to dry out boxes which had been on top of the pallet and subjected to torrential rain on the way in and out of the lorry.

Mothering Sunday is also the only occasion since I left university – and the part-time Sunday job that inevitably went with it – that I have had to work on a Sunday. Isn’t it only vicars who work on Sunday’s? So, on reflection, it’s no surprise I haven’t been counting down the days until Valentines Day or Mothering Sunday.

I don’t work in a delivery warehouse anymore so the occasions shouldn’t be such an issue but even so, and this is more because of the mass commercial event they’ve both become, I am always happy to see them pass by for another year.

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