ancra-systems-cold-chain-logistics-iiRising energy prices and political guidelines have attracted the notice to providers of cold chain logistics to the needs for increased energy-efficiency. Automated truck loading systems can substantially reduce the cooling losses during the loading and unloading process. Therefore, those systems can contribute to the sustainable and efficient energy management in temperature-controlled transport.

Automated truck loading systems are used predominately for shuttle transport where loading times play an important role. Conventional truck loading or unloading with fork lift trucks takes on average 30 minutes. With automated systems, the loading times can be reduced to just approx. 2 minutes.

Due to unnecessary long truck waiting times at the dock and open gates the interface between trailer and dock is often the cause of energy loss. Furthermore, it is often the weakest link in an uninterrupted cold chain.

Ancra Systems have developed a system which is designed and engineered in accordance with the highest standards and regulations required for deep-frozen products. Inflatable shelters are installed at the dock to prevent circulation of open air when the trailer is docked to the loading or unloading system. In addition, an automatic bridge swings down closing the gap between the trailer and the docking system. A special chill proof enclosure including a control unit enables the truck driver to control the loading and unloading process without being exposed to the freezing environment. Special wiring is used to maintain flexibility in low temperatures up to -25° Celsius (-13° Fahrenheit).

The minimization of cooling loss as well as the heavily reduced loading and truck waiting times contributes to an increase in efficiency. Therefore, not only are energy costs reduced through substantial savings of energy, it also increases profit for the customer and the environment.

The importance of energy-efficiency will augment in the future. For this reason, automated truck loading systems within the scope of professional energy management can constitute a competitive advantage in cold chain logistics.

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