traka-amt-storage-on-toyotaTraka will be showcasing its unique key management systems for controlling access to important keys. Foremost amongst them will be Traka’s new Small Fleet control system, designed for businesses with only a small number of fork trucks or other mechanical handling equipment.

The Small Fleet system is a cost effective method of ensuring that only authorised drivers have access to different vehicles. An Immobilisor barrel is installed on each vehicle, and every driver is issued his or her own iFob key. Each iFob can be configured to activate up to 50 trucks at any one time. Having a personalized key that cannot be copied encourages individual responsibility and discourages problems such as keys being left in the ignition and lending between staff. This simple system is used without the need for software or Traka cabinets, and is an effective, economical way of implementing Health and Safety processes. The Immobilisor may even be fitted to other equipment such as dock levellers, cherry pickers and tow trucks. Upgrading to Traka’s more advanced systems at a later date is also possible.

Traka’s classic range of key management systems will also be displayed, including electronic lockers, truck-mounted AMT boxes and the company’s novel Warehouse dock-door anti drive-off electronic lock. Electronic lockers from Traka can be used to control access to and audit the use of important portable equipment such as arm-mounted terminals (AMTs), laptops, PDAs, data terminals, security  radios, personal attack alarms and industrial tools such as gas analysers. In fact, any physical item that needs to be properly managed and accounted for.

The Warehouse dock-door anti drive-off electronic lock is designed to prevent accidents caused by a lorry driving off from the loading bay before loading has finished, leaving the dock door open. This is a potential source of serious injury to fork truck drivers and severe damage to trucks and loads being carried. Traka’s ingenious solution is simple, easy to implement and costs a fraction of conventional dock door drive-off locking mechanisms.

Traka’s AMT boxes are fitted to a warehouse truck, typically a fork truck or order picker. The box contains an AMT, a charging station and spare battery for the AMT device.  Initially, it saves a truck driver having to collect an AMT – it is already housed in the box on the truck – so avoids delays at the start of a shift. Secondly, the spare battery is continuously being charged which means there is no need to return to the office to get a replacement. The box is opened using the same Traka iFob as used for starting the fork truck and recording that pre-operational safety checks have been completed.

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