movo-rackingOffering an economical and practical way of doubling storage capacity, Dexion’s relaunched mobile racking system (MOVO), reduces costs for new buildings and utilises existing storage space far more profitably. Relaunched at a time when many companies are downsizing their premises to cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint, Dexion’s MOVO racking system will assist them by providing around 50% additional space utilisation as well as up to 150% increase in storage capacity.

Traditionally, MOVO has been primarily used in cold stores where energy and operation costs are particularly high. Now, the modular design of Dexion’s MOVO powered mobile pallet racking system provides versatility and flexibility enabling easy design and fast, economic installation whatever the application.

With MOVO, time is saved on shorter traveling distances, cleaning and operating costs are reduced due to the smaller storage area and there is a reduction in energy costs. The system can be operated with any materials handling equipment including counterbalance, forklifts reach trucks or narrow aisle.

MOVO consists of standard racking mounted on powered mobile bases to form banks of mobile racks. The racks are electronically powered and moved to enable a forklift truck access to every aisle. Remote control panels can assist by linking FLT movement to throughputs and installations can also be radio-controlled and connected to storage logistics systems.

Dexion’s MOVO racking has a unique locking feature, which means contents can be secured and access restricted. High safety standards provide operation protection as well as service personnel security. A light barrier along the mobile base protects personnel, trucks and goods and every mobile rack is equipped with a manual control button and an emergency stop button. In addition, flashing lights and acoustic warning signals can be used before and during each movement.

Dexion has been a leading provider of MOVO Powered Mobile Pallet Racking since the 1950’s and has more than 8,000 installations worldwide. Its MOVO racking meets all national safety requirements as well as the EU guideline 98/39 EG, Appendix II B.

Commenting on the relaunch, Denis Reynolds Dexion Director – UK Direct Sales said: “Traditionally there has been a much lower take up of these systems in the ambient sector, but with the projected taxes on carbon emissions and the move towards smaller floor areas, we believe that there is now a greater requirement for MOVO racking”.

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