newtoyota-48vToyota Material Handling has launched the new Traigo 48, a powerful electric forklift fitted into a compact and agile package.

Joining a range of what is considered to be the safest forklifts in the world, the Traigo 48 is engineered to satisfy customer demand for a powerful electric forklift with the capacity to manoeuvre easily in the tightest of spaces.

All trucks feature unique Toyota technologies, including the Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS) and Toyota AC2 power. The range will be built according to the strict quality standards of the world-renowned Toyota Production System (TPS) at TMHE’s ISO 14001-certified plant in Bologna, Italy.

As part of the development process for the Toyota Traigo 48, Toyota Europe conducted extensive market research to determine what key factors customers across Europe consider when choosing 48-volt forklifts.

“Based on our research, the Traigo 48 has been designed to give customers exactly what they are looking for in an electric counterbalance forklift – safety, productivity, durability and driveability,” says Dave Rylance, product manager for counterbalance, Toyota Material Handling UK.

“I think in the current climate, our customers deliver a clear challenge to the Toyota design team; find a way to deliver the highest level of safety, but without affecting productivity.

Toyota strives to deliver new solutions, even on tried and tested systems such as SAS. For example, the three-wheeled model of the Traigo 48 will incorporate a new SAS feature, specifically designed for the model.

Advanced technology gives speed reduction through corners, giving excellent lateral stability when turning. This means customers can select a model with the extra agility to manoeuvre in restricted spaces, yet still benefit from the protection of advanced SAS technology.

The four-wheel model will feature rear wheels with an over-centre steering rotation and front wheels that can counter-rotate, allowing a 9.2% reduction in the turning circle – making the Traigo 48 one of the most agile trucks in its class.  Perfect for safe operation in restricted spaces”

First launched on the Tonero, the new Traigo 48 will continue the popular ‘plus package’ approach. Each plus package, Safety+, Productivity+ and Durability+ combines a set of factory fitted features that help tailor the performance of the truck in a particular key area.

Dave explains: “Feedback tells us that grouping features into packages makes it easier for customers to relate to the benefits it will bring to their business, for example an operation that works intensive shifts with high lift heights can easily pick out the Driveability+ and Productivity+ packages as being relevant to them”

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