productliftProrunner MK5 combines speed and quality with an attractive price tag.

Nedpack has expanded its range of vertical conveyors with the addition of the Prorunner MK5. The latest issue of the Prorunner family offers the speed and quality of a continuous product elevator for the price of a discontinuous conveyor. A high-quality flexible application is guaranteed.

With the introduction of the Prorunner MK5, Nedpack has once again expanded its range of vertical conveyors. The Prorunner MK5 can be used to transport products that encompass no critical product transitions to any desired level. This entry-level model has a capacity of approximately 300 products per hour. The maximum capacity of the Prorunner MK5 totals approximately 2,000 products per hour.


This new product elevator is Nedpack’s first continuous vertical conveyor developed for the discontinuous market. The Prorunner MK5 satisfies all of the requirements for this market in terms of pricing also.

Since the conveyor has been developed and constructed according to lean manufacturing processes, the production time is still restricted to a minimum. Nedpack passes on the resulting cost advantage directly to the client. Nedpack is therefore able to offer the entry-level Prorunner MK5 for just €6,800, excluding assembly, cabling and controls.

Once in operation, the Prorunner MK5 offers an even greater cost advantage. By considerably reducing the number of moving components, Nedpack has succeeded in halving the maintenance costs for the product elevator. By combining this with an enclosed drive system, the company was furthermore able to prolong the service life of the conveyor significantly

Maximum flexibility

The Prorunner MK5 has an exceptionally compact design and, like all of the other vertical conveyors in the Prorunner family, offers unprecedented flexibility. The company supplies all possible infeed and outfeed options and the elevator can, for example, be equipped with infeeds and outfeeds at various levels. Even a cross transfer function can be integrated into the elevator.

Thanks to this flexibility, the number of potential applications increases considerably. The Prorunner MK5 delivers advantages in scores of applications, from logistics operations to the food sector.

The Prorunner elevators from Nedpack are extremely reliable and are utilised by many OEMS, system integrators and conveyor system manufacturers. Nedpack vertical conveyors meet the most stringent hygiene requirements and also come in stainless steel.

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