img_4447The revolutionary new iCart AGV moves materials and parts around production, assembly and warehouse environments with no operator involvement, using the latest intelligent guidance and communications technologies. Just one metre long and the width of a PC keyboard, it can carry up to 500kg into areas where conventional materials handling equipment cannot operate, saving time and raising productivity.

Believed to be the most flexible AGV system available today, iCart applications are simple to design, install, operate and reconfigure, without time-consuming and complex engineering and installation work. It uses Smart-Track, a revolutionary new system using robust interlocking floor tiles that contain the path and guidance route tags for multi-point delivery and pick-up. Tiles are easy and simple to lay and routes can be re-configured quickly as and when required.

A combination of TAG® Smart-Track, multiple radio communications technologies and adaptive software provides a fully integrated guidance and communications system, without the need for use programming. Using a touch-screen Windows-based PC, iCart-Control can link to high level systems such as ERP and work with card-based KANBAN and Heijunka allocation methods.

Smart communication and control systems on board include multiple RFID readers, WiFi or Bluetooth networks, with power and I/O for smart trolley applications. A laser scanner ensures the system operates safely when working around operators and other staff.  Twin batteries provide power for up to two shifts and ensure low running costs. Accessories include a range of trolleys in various colours, and on-board powered conveyors.

I Cart is designed, manufactured and supported in the UK by The Automation Group Ltd, one of the UK’s leading systems integrators with world-class partners including Bosch Rexroth, FlexLink and Mitsubishi.

ADM Automation Limited

Chris Smith

Tel: 0191 438 7888


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