atms_high-resTransatlantic UK, part of the Swedish Rederi AB Transatlantic Group is bucking the global trend by investing in supporting its business growth. The company’s clients include producers of steel, chemicals, paper and carton board.

The company has just placed a contract with ATMS plc, the Birmingham UK based warehouse system author and implementer, for their StockTrackPLUS (STP)  Warehouse Management System.

The system, to be installed at the company’s Howden and Port of Goole Warehousing operations, will be used to control all their third party warehousing and distribution activities. STP will give the company extremely accurate stock and stock traceability information – vital for the value and nature of the stock the company handles.

dscf1487The system allows for comprehensive use of advanced shipping notes (ASN’s) to track material throughout the supply chain thus ensuring highly accurate and speedy receipting of consignments. The system can support supplier remote labeling, electronic ASN’s and the ability to receive consignments at the quayside.

Nick Green, Managing Director of Transatlantic (UK) Ltd commented “ATMS’s extensive experience of both Third Party Logistics and Port Centric Logistics put them right at the top of the list when it came to supplier selection. We are pleased to now be implementing a system to give us complete visibility and traceability of stock across our numerous warehouse facilities here on the Port of Goole”.

David Hughes, Business Development Manager of ATMS commented: STP is ideal for Transatlantic.

It’s a very flexible and comprehensive system, capable of dealing with virtually any type of warehouse and product profile. Transatlantic is a fast growing company aiming to meet the many and varied requirements of their varied customer profiles, STP gives them the ability to do that ‘out of the box’.

dscf1492The system will be rolled out progressively across all the company’s UK warehouses and potentially Sweden.

atms plc   tel: 0121 628 9000

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