bigbluewarehouse-02The directors of Lifterz Ltd have many years experience in providing safe access in sectors such as the warehousing industry. With the tightening of regulations this has certainly driven further the demand for powered access. Malcolm Bowers founding director, stated that he found the niche markets more appealing than the mainstream and chose to develop his tall and narrow industrial product range over the diesel driven construction equipment.

Demonstrating their commitment to this sector Lifterz Ltd has introduced the UK’s tallest electric scissor lift available to the warehouse sector.

The PB 225 – 120ES is an outstanding tool in that it can be driven at it’s full working height reaching an incredible 74ft. Combine this unrivalled feature with the fact that you no longer have to bring down the machine, all adds to its uniqueness in saving power and ultimately time and money.

Warehouses today are being constructed to an ever increasing height and, as a result, access hire companies need to follow suit. However, previously, only diesel machines have been able to reach these heights relying on diesel fume extraction kits, which are highly unsatisfactory and still leave you with the problem of noise.

One further benefit of the Lifterz PB 225 is it’s outdoor rating making it the number one choice on not only internal but also external racking erection.

Obviously the PB 225 scissor lift is a high cost item and carries a premium hire rate but with the improved output it is easily justified.

compact-14Historically with the lack of supply within the UK, companies still have found it economical to hire such machines from Holland and Germany. This shortage has resulted in some European racking companies, working in the UK, to bring their own access equipment with them from mainland Europe.

Thanks to the astute investment made by Lifterz Ltd in 2009 this need no longer be the case.

Stepping down a level, Lifterz have introduced their ES40N which is a 12m platform height (14m reach) 1.2m wide, driveable at full height, scissor lift. It also has a 1.5m roll out deck extension. Malcolm Bowers comments:

“This machine is proving very popular within the fire sprinkler industry and is also regularly utilised on high bay stocktaking projects.”

In addition to the these unique benefits, all Lifterz machines come with built in dual voltage chargers, 110v/240v designed to guarantee the performance necessary for the demands of a full day’s work.

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