mit-support-pic-for-safty-supplementMitsubishi warranty is as durable as its trucks

The future may still be uncertain… but there’s one thing you can count on: Mitsubishi’s unique 5 year warranty package…

Designed to minimise operating costs in the short term and protect against nasty surprises in the long term, the warranty offers wide-ranging cover and, more importantly, peace of mind for truck users.  Described by Mitsubishi as being “as robust and dependable as our trucks themselves,” the warranty stays with the truck and not with the original buyer – which helps to maximise its secondhand value.

Perhaps the most potent demonstration of reliability any customer could ask for, the warranty is a demonstration of the manufacturer’s confidence in its product quality… and the ability of its nationwide network of local dealerships to keep the equipment in peak condition.

The near-legendary reputation of Mitsubishi products for reliability is hardly surprising when you consider their heritage. The Mitsubishi global organisation is involved in the production of everything from aeroplanes to medical devices, spacecraft to ships and scientific equipment to rally vehicles. Its engineers’ uncompromising approach to quality and dependability influences every aspect of forklift development.

In practice that means designing and manufacturing an exceptional proportion of its product in-house. As a result, crucial assemblies such as drive-trains are perfectly in balance – resulting in exceptional performance and long operating life (in much the same way that a branded computer runs far more smoothly than a self-build machine). Even specialised items such as electronic controllers are designed and made by Mitsubishi as part of its drive to deliver zero per cent unplanned downtime.

But building a dependable truck is just half the story. Mitsubishi puts just as much effort into selecting, training and supporting a UK-wide dealer network that uses the very latest online technology to optimise first-fix rates.

To learn more about the Mitsubishi 5 year warranty – and to contact your local dealer – call the Mitsubishi Greenline – 0845 371 3048 – or follow the links on Mitsubishi website: Alternatively, contact or Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks UK Tel: 0118 988 0221

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