mse-rollerforksMeijer Special Equipment is world’s largest manufacturer of hydraulic telescopic lift truck forks that are sold under the trademark KOOI-ReachForks® through a widespread import network. Telescopic lift truck forks are used by all of the major lift truck manufacturers for one side loading and unloading of trucks, double deep storage of pallets in warehouses and as hydraulic extension forks to prevent damage when different pallet sizes are used.

Since their introduction, MSE has won two innovation prizes for the RollerForks®. The RollerForks® have unique characteristics when compared to the familiar push pull system. These characteristics are:

• The RollerForks® require no additional hydraulic function.

• The RollerForks® weigh virtually the same as standard lift truck forks.

• Driver visibility is not restricted.

• Little or no reduction in lift truck capacity.

• The lift truck can also be used to perform standard tasks.

• Products can be easily placed on a pallet.

• Loading and unloading is faster when compared to a push-pull system.

• Investment costs are lower.

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