clivegThe Industrial Tyre Association (ITA) has revealed expert top tips to get the industrial sector prepared for winter to help companies with cost saving and safety.

ITA, a leading professional body, identifies that tyres are often the most overlooked part of a machine and calls for more action when it comes to preparing trucks for poor weather conditions.

Clive Green, Vice Chair of ITA, offers these five expert top tips, as part of ITA’s tyre selection standards, to help minimise accidents and reduce unnecessary breakdowns:

1. Think ahead – Always keep in mind what operations your machines will be carrying out in winter. If they are due to change, then it is likely that a different type of tyre will be needed to meet that operation.

2. Surfaces make a difference – Different surfaces require different tyres. Make sure you select tyres that are made for the surfaces on which your trucks will be operating. If the wrong tyres are selected, this could result in accidents, unnecessary tyre wear, damage and punctures, feeding into your damage and maintenance costs. Also, if the operators do not feel safe driving the machines, this may reduce productivity rates.

3. Treat tyres as an investment – It is a common fact that a lot of companies are buying the cheapest tyres and delaying replacements to keep costs to a minimum. Companies need to treat the purchasing of tyres as an investment rather than a cost. Having the right tyres reduces accidents, breakdowns and maintenance, resulting in cost savings in the long run.

4. Invest in the premier brand – Most premier brand tyres are three stage tyres. They are more resilient, have a better life span, and increased reliability.

5. Reduce fuel costs – Make sure you select the correct tyres to fit your machine’s weight. With the correct tyres, the less you will need to spend on fuel.

ITA has recently launched a new website offering expert advice and sets professional standards in best practice.

The Industrial Tyre Association (ITA) The ITA is the professional body representing industrial tyre manufacturers, independent dealers, distributors and other concerns involved in the manufacture, distribution, supply and fitting of industrial tyres within the UK. The ITA is a member association with a multidisciplinary professional membership which advocates and promotes best practice in the supply, fitting and servicing of industrial tyres. The ITA was founded 20 years ago and operates as a professional body setting standards of best practice.

If you have any concerns or would like to find out more\about industrial tyres, please contact ITA at:

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