small-ladder-inspectionThe HSE will be running its annual Ladder Exchange initiative from 1st September until 31st December 2009.

The initiative has been introduced to help improve workplace safety by encouraging routine ladder inspections and disposing of any unsafe/faulty ladders. It is easy to get involved, simply check your ladder and if it is found to be broken, damaged or bent then ‘Ladder Exchange’ provides the chance to part-exchange your old ladder for a new one, with HSE’s associated partners offering up to 50% discounts in return.

What is the Ladder Exchange?

If you need to use a ladder it is important that you check that it’s in good working condition, safe to use and the right ladder for the task. This initiative by the HSE is aimed to reinforce these basic requirements. The possibility to replace ‘borderline’ or faulty ladders with a brand new ladder for potentially half of the normal cost should prove popular during financially difficult times. It also provides duty holders with an option to review pre-use checks, training, supervision, maintenance and other arrangements for ladder work.

With such clear incentives, the prospect to raise ladder safety in the workplace is significant. Over the past two years, the HSE has worked collaboratively with Local Authorities and several partner outlets to remove over 5,500 ‘dodgy’ ladders from the workplace (proactively preventing potential accidents). As an upshot of these successes, the Ladder Exchange Initiative is now to be rolled out on an annual basis.

Why make it an annual initiative?

During 2007/08, 58 workers died and 6,623 suffered a serious injury as a consequence of a fall from height. Ladders remain the most common agent involved, accounting for approximately one third of all reported fall from height incidents.

For more information about the Initiative please go to the HSE website using the following link:

How Good to Go Safety can help …

This type of campaign is ideally suited for the promotion of Good to Go Safety products. Our ladder inspection system remains a firm favourite with customers as it delivers on a multitude of levels. The obvious attraction is that it provides an easy to use checklist, however the underlying benefits are just as important:

• If a set of ladders is being used by multiple users, our system ensures that everyone is aware of the ladder status with a clear visual tag.

• The check book provides simple guidelines as to what should be checked, essentially training employees in the process.

• A duplicate record of all inspections is stored for reference or as part of a maintenance system.

• Following basic training of employees on how to use the Good to Go Safety system, the onus is passed to employees to take responsibility for their equipment. This empowerment of the employee can significantly boost morale and their sense of worth.

• Our Intro Kit provides a full year’s worth of weekly inspections for around just £30, whereas our Annual Kit provides a year of daily inspections for around £85. Workplace safety has never been so affordable.

Good to Go Safety – Providing you with a safer workplace.

For more information visit our website at or keep up to date with the latest news from Good to Go Safety at Included within our wide range of safety inspection systems are racking, MEWPs, forklifts, ladders, scaffold towers, fixed scaffolding and bespoke options.

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