ffe0909chinacertFire Fighting Enterprises is proud to confirm that two of their beam-type smoke detection systems, the FIRERAY 2000 and FIRERAY 5000, have recently been certified by the China National Test Centre (CNTC) and are approved for sale and use throughout the country. This certification is in addition to the approvals already awarded by the relevant authorities in the UK, the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden and Belgium.

The FIRERAY 5000 is the latest beam detector from FFE, featuring laser-guided installation, motorised auto-alignment and optimisation, and automatic gain and drift compensation technology as well as a compact ground-level control unit. These features work independently and collectively to make the wide-area smoke detection system easier than ever to install, set up, operate and maintain – as well as reducing the chance of false alarms.

Research by the company indicated that the vast majority of false alarms and problems with beam detection systems were due to incorrect installation or setup, but the new manual guidance and automatic alignment features will help to prevent this. FFE also provides training, after-sales service support, and an extensive product guide to help make the most of their unique products.

Beam-type smoke detectors are particularly suited to installations involving large, spacious areas: shopping centres, car parks, schools, airports, warehouses and places of public gathering. By detecting smoke along a corridor of space with an infra-red beam that is reflected off a plate on the opposite wall, each FIRERAY 5000 unit can cover an area of approximately 1500m2. The FIRERAY 2000 operates similarly, however it is an end-to-end detector that uses separate heads for beam transmission and reception. Beam detectors’ large area coverage means less units, reduced wiring, and faster and less intrusive installation compared to the 14 or so traditional point-type detectors that would be needed to effectively cover the same space.

Fire Fighting Enterprises is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of infrared optical beam smoke detectors and a leading manufacturer of fire extinguishers for the aviation market. In addition, the company manufactures standard and ATEX certified explosion proof switches and industrial vibration switches.

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Tracy Kirk

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