tlx_multicaptureMETTLER TOLEDO is pleased to introduce the new TLX MultiCapture™ dimensioning system to the market.

Whether handling letters and flats or small items and big parcels, TLX will provide you with the dimensions, weight and identification of any object.

With the TLX MultiCapture™ METTLER TOLEDO has brought together its core competencies of dimensioning, dynamic weighing and application software. The result is a fully automatic, cost effective weighing and dimensioning platform which can be tailor built to suit customer specific needs.

A Fully Modular System

Customers can choose from a fully automatic system or a validation option which gives the operator the chance to enter missing information. Embedded OCTO™ Data Capture Software, specially designed by METTLER TOLEDO can be configured to suit a wide range of applications. A unique feature of this software is that it runs across all hardware platforms. This provides flexibility in its adaptation to a highly diversified industry.

Benefits for Carrier/Express/Post

Revenue recovery is the underlying motivation behind dimensioning and weighing in the carrier, express and postal industry. TLX will provide a complete data profile on any object scanned, allowing for the correct invoicing of services provided. This not only increases revenue, but helps to optimise inventory control, save on operational costs and improve the flow of goods.

TLX in the Warehouse

Identifying the exact dimensions of items in a warehouse improves operations from the receiving to the shipping dock.

Introducing a TLX™ Dimensioning System to your warehouse will eliminate any revenue gap between the amount you bill your customers and the amount your carriers charge. You will also improve space management, have the capability to create specific customer profiles, optimise packing and reduce the number of returned packages.

Dimensioning the World

METTLER TOLEDO’s worldwide distribution network has made the company the preferred supplier of companies such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx plus small carriers, warehouses and postal companies around the globe.

METTLER TOLEDO is the leading supplier of quality weighing and measuring solutions. The organisation is the world’s largest manufacturer of weighing technologies for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing environments.  METTLER TOLEDO also holds key market positions for various analytical instruments and is a principal provider of automated chemistry systems, used in the discovery and development of new drugs and chemical compounds.

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