Freight Best Practice and Skills for Logistics have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which agrees to a strategic plan for future joint working. The signing of this document outlines a formal business relationship which will lead to the introduction of a more effective and better integrated working relationship between both organisations at all levels.

The agreement which is supported by the DfT, encourages the sharing of dissemination channels resulting in Freight Best Practice publications being used in the proposed Skills for Logistics academies, additionally programme publications will be recommended to independent training academies. The document also sets out plans for joint event attendance and an annual joint-held event which will help promote the objectives of both organisations.

Jonathan James, Freight Best Practice programme Director said ‘the signing of this document will pave the way for more joined up thinking which can only benefit each organisation. This partnership has allowed us to map the programme’s publications to support those providing and undertaking Driver CPC training which over the coming months will be invaluable information for many operators.

Dr Mick Jackson, Chief Executive at Skills for Logistics, added, “We are pleased to be further developing our relationship with Freight Best Practice. An agreement that supports the work carried out jointly can only be beneficial to the employers within the logistics sector.  Our two organisations have worked with each other in the past to promote best practice in developing the skills of the workforce and the MOU will help us to do more of this in the future, ultimately raising the skills level across the sector and improving its image.”

Freight Best Practice is funded by the Department for Transport (DfT) and is managed by AECOM to promote operational efficiency, safety, journey time reliability and CO2 reductions within freight operations – road, rail and waterways. The programme identifies and disseminates best practice and offers FREE impartial information, support material and guidance on Saving Fuel, Developing Skills, Equipment and Systems, Performance Management and Multi-modal operations.

Freight Best Practice has something to offer owners, directors, managers and drivers. Products are available, entirely FREE OF CHARGE. Log on to or call 0300 123 1250.

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