Welcome to the 15 August Warehouse & Logistics News, as ever dedicated to helping your business stay on top of things. August isn’t called the silly season for nothing. Our politicians are on holiday like everyone else, and there isn’t much hard news. Hence it’s the time for stories like this gem from Dr Rob Yeung, a psychologist at leadership consultancy Talentspace. Go, doc…


Are the guys in your business who wear shirts and ties to work wearing white shirts more than colourful ones? Maybe they’re worried about their jobs. Dr Yeung says there’s ‘no evidence’ to suggest white shirts make any difference in a work situation. However, people are much more likely to resort to superstitious beliefs and rituals in times of stress. In the same way many people wrongly believe that a roulette wheel that has come up red four times in a row is more likely to come up black next time, they may believe a white shirt denotes professionalism or integrity and makes them more likely to keep their job.

If you’d prefer to resort to quality information in times of stress, we’ve got plenty of stories in this issue. We’ve also got our scheduled features. Plug into our Batteries Report, with the latest on batteries, battery charging and changing systems. As our introduction says, in the current climate fork truck operators are looking more keenly than ever for the best package deals on forklift batteries and running costs, and reassessing truck fleets to reduce numbers. The tale of a leading forklift supplier holding a party because they managed to sell a truck is pure fiction, but things are pretty jittery. Like the forklift suppliers, battery and ancillary equipment suppliers are finding they must be more flexible to accommodate buyers’ needs, but they also have much to offer with well-designed energy packages. Buyers must also consider the Battery Directive, which came into force last September, and their batteries’ carbon footprint.

Our other feature in this issue is The Loading Bay, covering doors, dock levelers and dock lifts. In a recession it’s tempting to cut spending on equipment at the expense of quality and even safety, but it’s a false economy. Inferior materials handling and loading bay equipment can pose a threat to the health and safety of personnel. Given that loading bays account for about 25% of all factory and warehouse incidents, staff could do without extra safety hazards caused by skimping on procurement issues.

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Have a safe and successful month.
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