group-pic2QW offer a great range of polyurethane products for all industrial tyre applications, including all popular pallet and fork truck manufactures. QW’s products have been designed to take into consideration the specific demands for high dynamic properties coupled with good physical strength and abrasion resistance. The range includes press on band tyres, direct bond drive wheels and load wheels, a fantastic selection of pallet wheels and castor wheels, as well as offering a tyre re-covering service to customers existing wheels.

QW utilise their experience of processing and knowledge of material performance to offer customers a professional service from material specification through product and tooling design to finished item.

QW pride themselves on their innovative use of both technology and technique to solving customers’ application problems.

QW can re-cover your existing wheels in various grades of Polyurethane that you may require and may even have brand new wheels available ‘off the shelf’

With over 35 year’s Polyurethane experience, you can have confidence in our products.

We can help with any specific requirements e.g.:

• Can increase grip through softer PU, or through  offering tread pattern or beads.

• Improve wear through using materials such as Vulkollan.

• Help with stability through using QWS 95A Shore PU.

• Mimic the properties of rubber, but with other advantages, with our QWE material.

We can even make the item specific to you by using a different colour!

It couldn’t be easier just call us with the OD (finished diameter that you would like the item to be across the PU), Width and the ID (diameter across the centre) and we will provide you with a quotation.

It’s exciting times for us at QW, we have now officially launched our brand new material Exel.

We debuted at the Cemat Show in Hannover and you really need to check out the spec of this new material, we think you will be more than pleasantly surprised.

This is going to cause quite a stir within the industry, so be one of the first to order some wheels from us, as you won’t be able to buy them from anybody else!

Some of the many benefits include:

• Lo Energy – Hi Performance – Lo Rolling  Resistance – Extended Battery Life

• Higher Top Speed – Cooler Internal Running Temps – Very Fast Curing Time

Tel: 0845 3005561

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